Systems are evolving rapidly within the banking industry. Regulation, consolidation, customer interaction have all undergone radical changes over the years. At Zen Test Labs, we understand that banking testing mainly boils down to risk reduction. Over the years, we have built various unique methodologies to suit domain intensive testing. We increase coverage, reduce risk and optimize schedules through our readymade industry accelerators, test case repositories, unique test management methodologies, etc...

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Have you considered automatic generation of manual test cases from automated ones, algorithms that will select the best automation scripts to run when you don't have sufficient time to execute them all, visual modelling of test automation to create new scripts from existing ones in a fraction of the time, and automation frameworks that disappear after test cases are built? With growing complexities in your application landscape, everyone is grappling with leveraging test data assets in an optimum manner. Test Automation is at the heart of this strategy and we at Zen Test Labs have been leading this charge magical test automation strategies and results to our customers.

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Whether it is manual testing, test automation, test automation frameworks, testing methodologies or testing thought leadership, Test Zentral, our resource central promises to keep you updated with topics and trends to improve the mindset, skillset and toolset of testers.

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News & Events

Windy City Summit 2015

Zen Test Labs is exhibiting and presenting at the Windy City Summit 2015 from 20th-22nd May. Visit us at booth 104!

We are speaking on 22nd May about attaining post implementation nirvana through seamless BAU. We will talk about keeping your treasury systems running smooth while reducing fixed costs and provide insights into achieving alignment with Business and IT. Drop by booth 104 for more information.

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